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Tori Gantz at the Arizona state capitol building


Tori J. Gantz | Journalist | WCSJMC at ASU

Tori Gantz is a journalist at Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, Arizona; she will also be graduating from Barrett, the Honors College with a certificate in socio-legal studies. Tori's goal is to tell stories about the most pressing social, political and cultural issues that define the lives of people down the block.

Before her arrival at ASU to study journalism, Tori spent years working as a lifeguard, a restaurant server and at a theatre amongst other things. Despite the difference in settings in which she works now, her goal of telling stories has not changed. She believes that every individual is an important part of a local neighborhood and the stories we tell, whether through images or words, are the essential elements that bring us closer to collective truth.

Tori hopes her work will speak truth to power and spark debates about the events of our time.

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