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Glimpse into the Governor's Club

Always a badger state girl at heart, budding journalist Tori Gantz spent her 21st birthday exploring the largest convention hotel in Madison with family.


This mini-podcast episode chronicles all that The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor's Club has to offer as told by Pamela Gantz, a realtor at Coldwell Banker and former travel agent.


Listen here for a glimpse into the Wisconsin family weekender!

Cycling: Beyond the Peloton

Since childhood, Wisconsin-based journalist Tori Gantz has found herself immersed in the cycling community thanks to her father. 


Jeff Gantz, a former semi-professional cyclist of 30 years and Mr. America's Dairyland 2010, shares the insider secrets on how to get the most from your every day bicycle ride. 


"Life is a ride after all," he said in the studio. "Why not enjoy it?" 


Listen here for safety tips before taking your bike out for a cruise this spring!

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